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Mentec Foundation solutions to the mining sector (Retrenched workers and communities)

To enhance the Public Works frame work at Kuruman’s communities where the mining sector (Ref: Blue Chip Mining Solutions retrenchments) is affected.

  • To create a pool of construction environmental professionals in order to address the shortage of critical and scarce skills within the construction environment
  • To develop artisans to accelerate infrastructure development and to improve service delivery
  • To transform the construction environment by accelerating professional registration of the previously disadvantaged groups
  • To ensure empowerment and development of youth with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience for employment opportunities
  • To transfer critical skills needed as part of the Local municipality IDP’s (Integrated Development Plan)
  • To alleviate poverty through job creation initiatives with structured programs to see beneficiaries owning their own businesses. Enterprise Development / Social Enterprise Development is a theme of all Mentec initiatives.
  • To engage and secure ED (Enterprise Development), CSI (Corporate Social Investment) and Commercial contracts for the trained entrepreneurs.
  • Rehabilitation of black owned farms and avail alternative job placement and practical portable skills training for the retrenched miners and the community members.
  • Implementation of central procurement hubs within each farm/site for commercialisation of production resulting from this project. The procurement hub is central to the demand supply profitability generation and retention strategy. It will be responsible for sector contract development and commercial stakeholder engagement.
Problem statement in the mining sector

The mining industry faces a confidence crisis. Low confidence in cost controls, return on capital and commodity prices are keeping industry leaders awake at night. To add to these concerns, the mining industry has recently stopped outperforming the broader equity markets—mining stocks fell nearly 20% in the first four months of 2013.

In response, miners are trying to rebuild the market’s confidence. Capital expenditures have been scaled down, hurdle rates are being increased and non-core assets are being disposed of. There’s a shift from maximizing value by increasing production volumes to maximising returns from existing operations and improved productivity and efficiencies

Regaining investor confidence depends on how the industry responds to its rising costs, increasingly volatile commodity prices and other challenges such as the risk of resource nationalism. Now is the time to show that the industry can deliver in good times and bad, and remain a good industry to operate in for many years to come.

Mining Challenges

  • Financing and managing capital projects.
  • Mining transactions and industry consolidation.
  • Improving performance and operational effectiveness.
  • Managing risk.
  • Complying with regulatory & reporting requirements.
  • Addressing sustainability issues.
  • Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce.

Our Solution

Mentec Foundation and Mentec Group, our training partner, is structured and experienced in delivering rescue/portable skilling and alternative jobs in the mining, manufacturing and ICT sector. A need for alternative skills, portable skills and enterprise development initiatives is a sure solution to South African mines. The number of retrenchments in the past 5 years has given the country an indication of where we are going in the mining sector.

This proposal outlines the following solutions for the retrenched miners (Blue Chip Mining Solutions) and the community (situated near the mine (s) involved:
  • Portable skills training and costing
  • Preparation of training sites and practical/technical training
  • Incubation of our enterprise development candidates
  • Alternative jobs security
  • Alternative business opportunities security
  • Our methodology in achieving the set targets
  • Team and support structures.
The proposal also (through an annexure) highlights the following recommendations (not cost to MQA):
  • Full agriculture capacitation for the Robert Moffat Faith Mission to become a commercial Agri site that will have a positive economic impact and create direct employment opportunities for our trainees ( Blue Chip Mining Solutions retrenched miners and community members)
  • Capacitation of Elgos farm for Agri commercialisation and direct employment opportunities for the selected beneficiaries /retrenched miners
  • Cost to implement the above Ref: capacitation of Elgos farm and Robert Moffat Faith Mission site