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Why work/partner with Mentec Foundation?

  • 100% End to end CSI / SD/ ED project management with BBBEEE befits your organization
  • 100% fully empowered organization
  • PBO (SARS Tax Rebate) compliant organization
  • Unique SD/SD/ED value proposition (implementation, project management, reporting, and mentorship)
  • Job creation and or project development at the end of every project 
  • Research and development 
  • Weekly/ Monthly reporting 
  • International certifications 
  • SETA accredited programs 
  • Flexible SD/ED approach to reflect the client/sponsor’s corporate culture, mission, and vision on its programs 
  • National implementations (9 provinces) 
  • Long term partnership view 


Mentec SAP for Unemployed Youth 

  • SAP ERP Training 
  • SAP ERP Support 
  • SAP ERP job placements and BPO (Business Process Outsource)
  • SAP ERP Mentorship  
Open Africa Academy (Under development in Midvaal, Henley on Clip next to the Oprah Winfrey Academy)

  • Automation
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Automotive solutions (Vehicle prototype development hub)
Black Industrialist Hub - Digital enterprise development 

  • Old hardware (computers, printers, etc.) recycling 
  • Technical support graduate practicals (fixing/ recycling of donated hardware)
  • Franchise model - roll out to select ICT beneficiaries 
  • Formal business registration for selected social entrepreneurs
  • Branding and commercial support 
  • General SME (Small and medium-size business) development, financing, and networking 
Khozeni Medical Centre - Health Care project in Mpumalanga 

  • Technology integration in the health centre – Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Health Sector 
  • The vision is to link the best hospitals (using technology) to KMC
  • An open platform for health care sector emerging entrepreneurs to pilot/ launch their technologies 
  • Infrastructure development 
  • The aim is to proof test the model and later set up several KMCs in South Africa 
Black Macadamia - Integrating drone technology 

  • New black macadamia farming support initiative in Hazyview, Mpumalanga
  • Training: farming, trading, and farm management 
  • Commercialization: Linking farmers to commercial markets (local and international)
  • Tech integration: Drone technology for farm surveillance, data analysis, etc. 

Mentec kids
Mentec Kids & Teens Tech 

  • Tech-based after-care (Age: 5-12)
  • Introduction to productive technology – Coding, robotics, and basic MS Office 
  • Vision: Company based crèches all over South Africa 

The RISE of Township Digital Artisans 

  • Digitalization skills development project
  • Black excellence and human capital development 
  • Digital enterprise development 

Qhawe drone project 
Qhawe is a Xhosa name with the meaning hero or champion" and is of African origin. 8 submissions from South Africa agree the name Qhawe means "Hero" and is of African origin. A user from South Africa says the name Qhawe means "Hero, Iconic, legend". According to a user from South Africa, the name Qhawe means "Hero, King".


Mentec runs Qhawe Drones. This is a unique and innovative project aimed to train 550 candidates(pilot phase/ year 1)  and development value drones (products) for the following consumer markers:

  • Mining sector 
  • Agriculture sector 
  • Construction sector 
  • Entertainment sector 
  • Security , research and development sector
  • CSI/ED integrated projects 
Social enterprise / special intervention

Qhawe Drones is a proudly South African drone development project which is going to dominate the entry level to high end commercial drone sector. To achieve this Qhawe Drones is structured around a model that is based on South Africans developing South African products using South African hands and brain power. This is a model that we have adopted  as a social enterprise .

1. The drone manufacturing phase will create 550 youth jobs during the pilot phase. This number id going to rise as we  explore further SADC based scalability models . 

2. Socially Qhawe Drones is going to train African youth on the following technical skills

  • Drone piloting 
  • Drone enterprise development 
  • Drone programing , customization and data dissemination 

3. The project brings the 4IR pillars (drone manufacturing / assembling) to our university alliance partners Ref DUT (Durban University of Technology) TUT (Tshwane University of Technology) and WITS University through the JSCE unit. This translate to practical application of various data analytics, programming, data science and statistics knowledge 

4. The project’ special intervention is in the following platforms 

  • Mining sector - drones for dangerous tasks extends way beyond infrastructure inspection. Applications have emerged that use drones to measure radioactivity in nuclear disaster zones, carry out aerial reconnaissance in war zones and even collect biological samples from dangerous animals.
  •  Agriculture sector - Many farmers are already using drones and robot aircraft to combat criminal activities on their farms. Some farmers are frustrated with drones that can’t stay in the air long enough to pick-up criminal activity. A typical drone can usually maintain about 20 minutes of flying time where a robot plane can fly a longer distance.
  • Entertainment sector – Drones have revolutionized the way pictures and events are profiled in the entertainment world. Movies, music videos, parties and sporting events are now captured using drones. This marked is growing with the rise of social media, celebrities and high competitive events management companies that are being created by emerging entrepreneurs in the country